What we do

We offer a comprehensive service from the importation of plant material to the marketing of commercialised fruit brands.

  • Plant material management
    a) In compliance with the Plant Improvement Act, 1976 (Act No. 53 of 1976), applications:
    • authorization to import unlisted varieties for evaluation
    • sell and establish locally developed unlisted varieties for evaluation purposes
    • import permits
    • Facilitate and oversee the importation and quarantine of plant material

    b) In compliance with the Deciduous Fruit Plant Certification Scheme [www.plantsa.co.za], promulgated under the Plant Improvement Act (Act 53 of 1976);

    • multiplication of plant material in a Foundation Nursery upon release from quarantine
    • application for candidate clones
    • establish and maintain trees and vines in a Nucleus Facility and evaluation test sites
    • evaluation of trees and vines (horticultural as well as harvest and storage of fruit)
    • establish and maintain Foundation and Mother Blocks for multiplication of trees after
      Variety Listing
    • application to certify listed varieties
    • Verify tree sales and block information.
  • Breeder relations – Variety listing, plant breeder rights and trademark applications in relevant Southern African countries, annual breeder reports on a variety’s performance in Southern Africa, business plans, export shipment declaration reports, royalty management and payments.
  • Grower company management – the setting up of Grower companies, contracts, and agreements as well as contracts for breeders, growers and marketers.
  • Licensing – propagation and non-propagation agreements.
  • Quality control – all fruit quality standard monitoring and management in Southern Africa
  • Royalty management – From grower invoices to payments of breeders.
  • Marketing and merchandising – development of annual marketing and merchandising programs, growing the market share of fruit varieties in retail environments within Southern Africa.