Outstanding in South Africa🍇 - Grapa Newsletter | 17 December 2023

As the “indoor” symposium came to an end, the outdoor tours began. Three ARRA showcases, highlighting outstanding ARRA Varieties, were held and led by both the TopFruit and Grapa teams. The first field day tours were at the TopFruit Test Block in Uitkomst, where the many 10th ITGS delegates could learn about the TopFruit operation as well as their topnotch test block management. The attendees were led in small groups to see and discuss the varieties on show. ARRA Honey Pop™ ARRA Fire Crunch™ and ARRA Cherry Crush™ drew much attention and were the talk of the day. Simultaneously, at the Villion Farms in the Hex River Valley, the teams greeted the symposium delegates with a special focus on and ARRA Passion Fire™.


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