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TopFruit Newsletter | February 2023

Sometimes in agriculture, as in life, change is forced upon us. Such as the adaptations and preparations for load-shedding or the deregistration of a crop protection active ingredient. In these cases, we do not have a choice, we have to adapt and make changes to how we operate daily.  Change is inevitable whether we like it or not.


TopFruit Newsletter | March 2022

After two turbulent years of waves, peaks, masks, sanitizing, social distancing, and sometimes paranoia, it seems as if normality is slowly sprouting like green shoots in the spring. And are we all not longing to experience normality? It seems as if everything was in hibernation and that nothing happened during this period, but in agriculture, we can definitely say that our industry kept on moving behind the scenes and with, it seems, a robustness against COVID. We are thankful for...


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