Shareholder Companies

TopFruit has a number of shareholder companies involved in the business. To learn more about each company please see below or visit their websites:

Dutoit Investment Pty Ltd

The Dutoit Group is a leading South African producer, packer and distributor of superior fruit and vegetables. Their rich history of more than 115 years provides extensive experience along with an established and strong infrastructure. They pride themselves in their ability to fuse stability with forward thinking innovation, elevated quality levels, improved efficiency and a long term vision which has made them dynamic, adaptable and innovative.

Pedal Trading 203 Pty Ltd

Rosenhof Nursery Pty Ltd

Rosenhof Nursery has been producing quality trees since Jim and Sylvia Button started the business in 1985. In 2003 the business was restructured when Wim and Teresa Van Rijswijk became shareholders in the newly-formed company. We are proud to represent some of the most successful breeding programs in the world, evaluating and launching new varieties of both pome and stone fruits, and producing trees of EurepGap accredited quality.

TopFruit Investment Trust

TopFruit Investment Trust holds the shares on behalf of Timberlea and Bokkeveld Nursery Partnership. Associated company: Timberlea