Provedo, Peach, TopFruit, Nectarine

SA Fruit Journal – Provedo – Aug / Sept 2017

The internationally renowned stone fruit program Provedo, managed by TopFruit in South Africa, offers a wide range of varieties to suit the needs of local producers.  Read more…
Granny Smith, Louterwater, apple, green apple, TopFruit

SA Fruit Journal – Louterwater Granny Smith – June / July 2017

A mutation selected by Le roux Muller on the farm Louterwater Landgoed, Louterwater, Langkloof. A very early Granny variety harvesting from late February to early March, which is ideal for extending your Granny Smith season. Read more…
Opal, TopFruit, apple, yellow apple

SA Fruit Journal – Opal – Apr / May 2017

Opal®, with its sunny golden skin and orange blush, is an exciting breath of fresh air in the apple category for both growers and retailers. Read more …